The CSR strategic plan aims at building the capacity of the Centre and its staff to effectively fulfil its mandate in research, outreach and training activities. The plan, therefore, sets forth CSR’s research agenda and details the interventions that will transform the CSR into a Centre of Excellence in social sciences research and having the ability to better generate evidence for policy and programme development.


The objectives of the CSR strategic plan are:

  • To develop and implement a programme of research in the social sciences aimed at deepening understanding of major development issues in Malawi;

  • To strengthen CSR’s outreach and dissemination programme, with a view to maximising the impact of the Centre’s research on development, stimulating public policy dialogue on development issues and supporting the research process;

  • To develop a programme of short-term training courses, aimed at meeting development practitioners’ needs for training in research-related skills, and improve research-teaching linkages;

  • To build CSR’s long-term institutional capacity to deliver high quality programmes of research, outreach and training.