The CSR runs and internship programme aimed at grooming young and upcoming researchers in their fields of research as well those of their mentors at the CSR. The first internship programme running from 2014 was jointly sponsored by the National Commission of Sciences and Technology (NCST) and the CSR. From 2016, the internship programme is now run alongside the government initiated internship programme through which fresh graduates are attached to various government ministries, departments and agencies.

Grace Asantesana Marley

Grace Asantesana Marley joined the Centre for Social Research (CSR) as an intern in 2023. She is a fourth year student at the Malawi College of Accountancy where she is pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Management Information Systems (BMIS).

As an upcoming ICT professional her areas of interest are System Management, Database and Data management and Data analysis. While at CSR Grace has accumulated valuable experience in conducting archival research, qualitative and quantitative data gathering and development of various data collection tools.

Humphreys Macheso

Humphreys Macheso is a Research Intern at the Center for Social Research, University of Malawi. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Malawi. His areas of research interest are in Governance and Democracy, and Poverty and Sustainable Livelihoods. Humphreys has vast experience in data analysis using SPSS, Stata and Excel, transcription, translation, quality control and drafting report. He has worked in both qualitative and quantitative projects where he has acquired valuable skills such as data collection, facilitation, and field supervision.

Masautso Mulowa

Masautso Mulowa is a research joined the Centre for Social Research (CSR) as a Research Intern in 2022. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Mathematics from University of Malawi.

During his time at CSR, Masautso has accumulated a lot of knowledge in various research aspects including qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, data cleaning and analysis and field work planning and supervision, among many others. His areas of research interest include governance, public health and poverty and sustainable.

Raphael Nedi

Raphael Nedi is a holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Malawi. Currently, he is studying for Master's degree in Political Science at the same University. He is also studying Monitoring and Evaluation at the Catholic University. Raphael joined CSR in December 2021 as a research intern and has accumulated vast knowledge in research ranging from planning and executing field work, proposal writing, data cleaning, qualitative and quantitative data collection, quantitative data analysis using Excel, SPSS, Stata to qualitative data analysis using Nvivo. Over the years, Raphael has been engaged in several studies including Afrobarometer surveys where he has been engaged at different levels of the survey. So far he has co-authored two papers based on the findings of the Afrobarometer Survey.

Seth Evance

Seth Evance joined Center for Social Research in December 2021 as an intern. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education Science (2021) from the University of Malawi. Over time he has accumulated working experience in mixed research methods, data analysis and management. He is well conversant with designing research tools, questionnaire programming, data cleaning and quality assurance. He is also good at quantitative data analysis using Stata, SPSS, Excel, and qualitative analysis with the aid of Nvivo and Dedoose. His experience is also in community mobilization, data collection, monitoring and evaluation as well as imparting knowledge to others by teaching or training and facilitation. Seth was also a member of the Malawi’s national technical committee for the production of Malawi Multidimensional Poverty Index (M-MPI). His areas of research interest are in poverty and sustainable livelihoods; and public health. Other areas of interest are in ICT, troubleshooting computer software and hardware problems, managing and maintaining Local Area Network. 

Andrew Kholowa

Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media for Development and is enthusiastic about utilizing social media as a powerful tool for communication and engagement. As a Research intern, he is eager to develop technical skills in data collection, analysis, report writting, and research dissemination. He is also excited about developing skills in content creation and social media during his internship at CSR.