Projects Overview

Since 1979, the CSR has produced more than 500 research and consultancy reports covering CSR’s research thematic areas namely (i) poverty and sustainable livelihoods; (ii) the socioeconomic and cultural aspects of public health; (iii) democracy and governance; and (iv) gender, youth and disability. Over this period, the CSR has established working relationships with various GoM ministries and departments, parastatal organisations, NGOs, the private sector and development partners. It has also established working relationships with research institutions and universities outside Malawi. Thus CSR has over the years collected a lot of research data and produced many reports and more than 25 peer-reviewed journal papers and book chapters.

In this section, we will list some of the projects that have been completed, some that are currently on-going and some resources that you can find useful. The resources include reports and some datasets from previously concluded surveys. Some resources (data, reports) are freely available, while with others, you would be required to make a small payment in order to access them.