Staff Profile
Prof Alister Munthali
Research Fellow

Prof. Alister C. Munthali is based at the Centre for Social Research of the University of Malawi. He has a PhD in anthropology from Rhodes University (2003) and an MA in medical anthropology from University of Amsterdam (1999). His work at the Centre for Social Research involves the development of proposals, seeking funding, carrying out research and writing research reports and publishing. His research interests include the social, economic and cultural aspects of childhood immunizations, (adolescent) sexual and reproductive health and rights, health seeking behavior and disability and development.

Since 2005 he has led the development of health systems strengthening proposals for a number of African countries for submission to multilateral funding agencies such as the Global Fund and GAVI. Over the years, he has also developed national health sector strategic plans as well as national health and other sector policies. He has taught in the Department of Sociology at Chancellor College and supervised undergraduate, masters and PhD students at the University of Malawi and has also acted as external and internal examiner. The following is a selection of some of his publications since 2015


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