Staff Profile
Mr Sam Manthalu
Systems Engineer

Sam Manthalu is a skilled Computer Scientist with a dual specialization in Computer Science and Statistics, bringing a wealth of expertise and innovation to the fields of data management and systems engineering. His profound knowledge, coupled with extensive hands-on experience, underscores his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

He excels in data management, showcasing expertise in programming digital questionnaires for efficient data collection, real-time data quality monitoring, and automating data cleaning processes. His excellent data analysis skills further enhance his ability to derive meaningful insights from complex datasets. 

He is also highly competitive in systems and software development, with extensive experience in creating web-based and standalone applications. He has vast experience in database management, including automated backups and replication, ensuring data security and availability.

Some of the notable projects he has worked on include:

  • Labor trafficking survey – 2023

  • Supported the Afrobarometer’s previous two rounds of surveys in Malawi

  • Nutritional Care Practices and Diet Associated with COVID-19 Outcomes

  • Experiences of Children with Disabilities Living in Salima District – Child Survey

  • Experiences of Children with Disabilities Living in Salima District – Caregiver Survey

  • Lilongwe Water Board Customer Satisfaction Survey – 2019