Staff Profile
Mr McPherry Kuntembwe
Junior Research Fellow

McPherry Kuntembwe is a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Malawi’s Centre for Social Research (CSR). He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration.

His research interests fall mainly under CSR’s thematic pillars of youth, gender and disability as well as democracy and governance. Through various research projects in these themes and others, he has acquired extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research from CSR where he is typically involved in (but not limited to) developing proposals/study protocols, recruitment, training and field supervision, coordinating fieldwork, data quality control, checking transcripts for completeness and quality, data analysis and report writing. In data analysis, he is comfortable with the following tools: Atlas Ti and NVivo (qualitative data analysis) as well as Stata and SPSS (quantitative data analysis).