Staff Profile
Dr Chrissie Thakwalakwa

Dr Chrissie Kantukule is the Deputy Director for the Centre for Social Research. She has a PhD in International Health from Tampere University, Finland (2015) and a Master of Public Health from University of Malawi’s College of Medicine (2008). She is a dedicated and innovative teaching professional and qualitative and quantitative researcher with management, research and training experience having worked progressively for the past 20 years.

She has knowledge and strong expertise in designing and implementation of nutrition intervention trials as well as health related projects and studies. Her experience is also in community mobilization; participatory development methodologies; capacity building; training and facilitation; monitoring and evaluation; strategic and operational planning; programme coordination and linkages; partnership building and networking and oral and written communication.

She has wide experience in curriculum development, lecturing and providing academic supervision to undergraduate and post graduate students. She is also experienced in conducting baseline, midterm and final evaluations for different organizations and programs.


Selected Publications from 2015

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