CSR Seminar Series: Exploring Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics in Malawi

Join us today from from 10:30 am as two of our esteemed researchers present findings of their respective research works.
Mr Seth Evance will set the stage with his presentation titled " Exploring Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics in Malawi.
Closing the stage will be Mr Tawonga Mwase-Vuma with his novel and groundbreaking research that attempts to find the correlation between physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep among preschool children. His presentation is titled " Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviors and Sleep: Do Malawian preschoolers aged 3+4 Years Meet the 24-hour Movement Behavior Guidelines?
Do not miss this intellectually nourishing activity by joining us at the Centre for Social Research ( Board Room) or following us online by clicking the link below.
Meeting ID: 878 3092 7365
Passcode: 025388